Wealth Management

Our objective is to help our clients define their goals and create an investment plan to achieve them. We design investment portfolios that deliver the highest expected return for a chosen level of risk.

Our Philosophy is Simple:

Markets are efficient: timing the market or selecting mispriced securities is speculative, we don’t recommend it

Evidence-based, low-cost investing: avoid unnecessary costs and capture what the market has to offer

Understand risk tolerance by quantifying it: how much are you willing to lose?

Diversification: can provide higher expected returns with lower volatility

Tax management: tax-efficient investments, tax loss harvesting, tax-efficient asset location

We believe that the majority of risk should be allocated to the equity side of the portfolio. We use fixed income to preserve capital and reduce the portfolio’s overall volatility.

Our Core Wealth Management Services

Portfolio Design
(Asset Allocation)

The single most important investment decision you will make. Your asset allocation is the percentage of each asset class in your investment portfolio. It is made up of three primary asset classes: Equities, Fixed Income, and Cash. Asset classes have varying levels of risk and return and are therefore likely to perform differently over time. We arrive at your appropriate asset allocation by understanding your goals, risk tolerance and time horizon. We help you identify your ability, willingness, and need to take risk. Once your asset allocation has been established, we counsel you through the ups and downs of the market to make sure you stay disciplined and not abandon your carefully tailored plan.

Investment Performance Monitoring

Ongoing monitoring of your investment portfolio which includes portfolio rebalancing, tax loss harvesting, tracking gains and / or losses, calculating investment returns and identifying areas that may require immediate attention.

Retirement Planning

Optimizing retirement savings though vehicles such as employer plans, 401(k)s, profit sharing plans and IRAs. We help prepare you for retirement by identifying and quantifying your sources of retirement income, reviewing your expenses, and estimating how long your money might last given your specific retirement goals.

Education Planning

Designing a means for funding your child’s education can take many forms and involve the contributions of multiple family members (not just parents). From 529 savings plans, to uniform gifts/transfers to minors, to Roth IRAs, the options are many. Understanding the nuances of each alternative is critical to achieving your goals.