Everything Revolves Around You
Everything Revolves Around You
  • We are held to the “Fiduciary” standard of care
  • Our clients’ best interest always comes first
  • In contrast to the “suitability” standard of brokers
Fee Only
  • We provide transparent “Fee-Only” advice
  • Our fee is based on a percentage of the money we manage
  • We do not make commissions for recommending specific investments
Third-Party Custodians
  • Our clients’ assets are custodied with qualified third-parties
  • Client assets are always held by a third-party custodian such as Charles Schwab & Fidelity
  • Provides an added layer of comfort that your assets are safe
We Follow Our Own Advice
  • We invest our personal assets based on the same principles and in the same securities we recommend to our clients
  • We would never advise a client to invest in something we would not invest in ourselves
  • Our personal investment statements are available for your review
Academic Research
  • Our advice is based on academic research, not on opinions
  • Two Nobel Prize winning concepts form the foundation of our philosophy
  • Efficient Markets Hypothesis and Modern Portfolio Theory

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